Looking Forward

We are deep into preparations for Persian New Year.

Nowruz (sounds like know rooz).

We celebrate the first day of spring.  New beginnings, new life, new blossoms, fresh green grass – rebirth.  Nature – Mother Earth wakening from her deep winter slumber.

Nowruz this year falls on Wednesday March 20  at 4:01:56 am (PST).  Vernal equinox.    Exactly the moment when the Earth’s axis tilts neither towards nor away from the sun.   When day and night are exactly the same length.  Equal.  Balanced.

We are preparing our Nowruz dinner menu.  Contemplating which sweets to bake.  The girls will be coloring eggs.  Watering our sabzeh (sprouted lentils) for the traditional haft seen table.  Much to be done.  And much to look forward to.

And so it is with this new promise of life and new beginnings that I want to thank you all for all your enthusiasm, your kind words, your support. Thank you for joining me on this food journey.

Thank you for sharing all your pomegranate juicing tales, your quest for sweet lemons, the saffron treasure hunt…It has made me so happy to receive all your pictures of mast-o-khiar and celery stew.

With new beginnings also comes my foray into social media.  You can now find bottom of the pot on facebook and instagram where I have been chronicling our sabzeh-sprouting  and will be posting more about our Nowruz preparations.  So like, follow, become a fan, share with your friends. It’s all new to me but I’m enjoying working through all the kinks.  Many of you have also asked about subscribing and being unable to.  If you would like to subscribe  but don’t have a gmail account and don’t want to open one, just send me a note and I will subscribe for you.

Thank you for joining us at our communal kitchen table.  And I look forward to a brand new year filled with enticing aromas.

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  • So beautiful! We've had a cloudy few weeks up here, so I've been sitting staring at mine, even giving them pep-talks! I think it's finally working! (Thom, of course, now has all the evidence he needs of my insanity…)

  • Keep your sabzeh in a warm room in front of as much light as possible.


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