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A Music Education and a Pomegranate and Walnut Stew – Khoresh Fesenjan

George Michael and Andrew Ridgely.  They dreamily look deep into my soul – unearthing every little secret and thought as I flop on my bed – chin resting on hands looking even  deeper into their souls – the intensity of my stare almost burning a hole in the album cover – held inches from my nose.  I fancy myself Andrew’s best bud and the next Mrs. George Michael.
Well – we all know how that all turned out.


A Platter of Fresh Herbs – A Balancing Act – Sabzi Khordana

 ♪ Music we’re cooking to ♪
Soleil, you take a little bite of the radish and at the same time take a bite of your rice and stew.  Then chew it all up together.  The radish won’t taste very spicy and will make everything else in your mouth taste awesome.  Got it? – Luna
Persian food.  It’s all about creating the perfect bite – loghmeh.


A Sexy Dates and Walnut Pie – Ranginak

Yes.  I know.  How can dates and walnuts ever be described as sexy.
Well, maybe it’s just time to re-think sexy, and welcome some new players into this exclusive (and elusive?) club.  After all, it’s not all about outward appearances.  Most of the time it’s about how we are made to feel.  And this pie is here to help bring back the inner sexy.  Or so I hear.

Recipes are usually inherited.